International Speaker, Trainer, Global Best Seller Co-Author and Firewalk Expert


Harriet helps driven entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches step fully into their power and communicate their message confidently, in a deeply impactful way from live and virtual stages.

Harriet has spoken to thousands of people around the world and facilitated training hundreds of speakers including her own signature event - Speaker Mastery.

Speaking with & learning from some of the greatest speakers & entrepreneurs in the industry such as Les Brown, Robb Holman, Marie Diamond and many more, Harriet is committed to continuous personal expansion herself, and by learning from the top speakers, plus practicing & experience Harriet is also - world class and able to impact any audience.

Through her own journey - Harriet saw she was able to break down every step and provide a solid and proven method to help anyone feel confident speaking up.

Harriet created Speak up and Shine, a method which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become confident speakers and centres her programmes, interviews, live events, speaker membership and her upcoming book - Becoming a World Class Speaker around these principles.

Harriet also shares her expertise on many online platforms and podcasts - such as Selling with Love, and also features on amazon, rotund apple tv.

Described as a powerhouse for humanity, The president of the Global Speaking Association Martin Laschkolnig says Harriet is one of the best speakers he has ever seen. Les Brown shared - “Harriet - You are Coby, You are the Le Bron of story telling, for anyone listening - this is how you do it”

If you would like to book a powerful speaker for your events, or learn how to become a powerful speaker yourself, connect with Harriet now.

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