Shanan Nair

Business executive with 27 years’ experience in the healthcare industry providing integrated solutions and services to major pharmaceutical and medical device organizations.


General Management Professional with 27 years progressive experience in strategic planning, operational Management , team building and project Management in the Healthcare Industry.

Throughout his many work assignments he has led and built successful teams,. With this wide practical experience, street smart business skills and his ability to think out of the box, saw developments in his team at which point he realized that he is in a unique position to impart knowledge and transform people's lives. Thereafter there was no looking back , where he embarked on a mission to touch , help and develop young minds to "cut the chase' in reaching one's dream by embracing successful values. His motto in life is to bring joy and to inspire people around him, he believes in a good education system and realizes that self concept is a result of conditioning and he wants to bring about the change through proper coaching and nurturing younger generation so that they will have a better platform to achieve the goals and change lives forever.​

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