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Effectively Communicate And Systematically Analyze Financial Statements

Who is This For?


This course will be valuable to leaders who is faced with quantitative decision making.


Business Owners & Individuals

This workshop will benefit accounting and finance leaders who is faced with model building, statistical and data analysis and more.

Includes: Businesss Owners, Investors, SME Leaders, Trainers, Speakers, Advisors, Consultants & Freelancers

Corporate Leaders

This training will be valuable to leaders who is faced with financial and non financial reporting, budgeting and planning

Includes: Directors/Heads/Managers of Strategic Planning, Directors/Heads/Managers of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Project Managers, Risk Managers, Human Resources and other Department Heads or Managers


This three day course is aimed squarely at the non-financial leader who needs to be able to talk to their financial counterparts with understanding and empathy!

The course has been designed to lead the leaders through the foothills of the world of accounting and finance and as it does so, it provides sustenance and satisfaction in the form of progress and achievement.

At every step of the way, the cases and exercises, together with the group discussions, will pull you towards your objectives of understanding, comprehension and application. The bonus will be that you will then feel able to evaluate the work of your financial colleagues and feel more like an equal than not!


By the end of the course, delegates will

Be able to distinguish between the three major financial statements

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement

Carry out the analysis of financial data using a variety of techniques, including Ratio analysis

Qualitative analysis of financial and non financial data

Review annual report and accounts of organisations, including the notes of explanation found in those reports

Identify trends and strategies contained in financial and non financial data and reports

Appreciate the nature and role of management accounting

  • Understand the various elements of management accounting and cost management
  • Identify the different types of production and service systems and the ways in which management accounting seeks to work with them
  • Create periodic performance reports for management and others

Duncan Williamson

Accounting and Management Consultant

Duncan is an Accounting and Management Consultant with significant experience with a sustained record of success established in the Educational,

2. Stage Mastery

Nov 1-5, Bengaluru, India | Live Training

Course description

If You can Speak, You can Influence, If you can Influence, You can Change Lives

We believe that everybody has a message, a story, a gift to share. Our goal is to help you identify your message and overcome any obstacles or fear to effectively deliver that message!

Stage Mastery is a transformational 5 day event with Harriet Bratt sharing skills and experiential breakthroughs to build your confidence and rise to the next level with your daily communication and public speaking

Over 5 days you will step out of your comfort zone, breaking through to bring your strength and potential so you can utilise this energy and provide an engaging and powerful speech.

You will learn...

  • How to Master the Stage and Deliver Powerful Impactful Presentations
  • How to easily convey your message and create interest
  • How to step into Confidence and Personal Power in ANY moment


Harriet will facilitate a space for you to build your skills and practice what you learn! Everyone has the opportunity to speak up, 1-1 feedback and what to do next. This may already bring fear to some which is exactly why you need these 5 days!

To stand out against your competition, to promote yourself and your business, for great relationships - it is essential to have good communication skills. Each time you present you will have the full support of everyone in the room on a similar journey and with Harriets expert feedback you can improve, grow and develop into amazing speakers.

Ofcourse - you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions no matter how big or small to ensure you walk away with everything answered!

Are you ready to up level your speaker skills?




International Speaker, Trainer, Global Best Seller Co-Author and Firewalk Expert

Harriet helps driven entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches step fully into their power and communicate their message confidently, in a deeply impactful way from live and virtual stages.

3. Masterclass Technical Safety Management

March 5th - 7th, 2024 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Live Training

Course description

The purpose of this 3-day training course is to highlight the safety life cycle pathway

The purpose of this 3-day training course is to highlight the safety life cycle pathway from initial major accident hazard identification through to long term sustained and safe operation of a process where a safety instrumented system(s) provides a layer of protection. The occurrence of major industrial accidents has driven an increased focus on process safety. Process safety incidents can induce an enormous loss of capital and business continuity and can cost enormous loss of reputation. On top of that, companies have the absolute responsibility for all coworkers on site including the people around the site. The primary objective of each organisation must therefore always be the elimination or reduction of risk through inherently safe design and the adoption of a multiple layer of protection approach. Often it is very difficult to design an inherently safe process and under these circumstances Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are employed in order to reduce risks to an acceptable level. SIS are therefore critical elements in support of the overall basis of safety for the process. It is therefore vital that SIS should operate reliably in the event of a process upset in order to prevent / mitigate the hazardous consequence. This is achieved by effective functional safety management throughout the process. How can you guarantee safety of your employees? What should you do to make sure that you have absolutely done the maximum? How can you manage operational, explosion and chemical hazards and remain compliant with regulations? When can you say the risk level is acceptable? How do you prepare and execute a proper HAZOP study? How do you establish a comprehensive management system? How do you make sure your organisation is fit for purpose and suits the PSM system? This course will answer these and many other questions and is an absolute must to assure the safety of coworkers, to protect the environment and to avoid serious business loss.


Trevor Miller

Chief Executive Officer

ABIOSH – Trevor has been employed by many large companies working mainly in engineering before moving


1.Refocusing the supply chain

live 4 days online workshop
Dates: 21st to 24th september 2022
Coach: John Atkinson

2.Process Safety Management

Online Training
Date: 1st June 3rd June 2021
Coach: William Trevor Miller

3.Refocusing The Supply chain

Online Training
Date: 19th - 20th August 2020
Coach: John Atkinson

4.Advanced Strategic Healthcare management

Location: Grand Hayat -Qatar
Dates: 4th - 6th November 2019
Coach: Dr. Mohammad Al Ayoubi.

5.Master the Stage

Location: Bengaluru, India
Dates: 5th - 10th November, 2018.
Coach: Erich Ho, Harriet Bratt

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