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1. Masterclass Technical Safety Management

Jan 26th - 28th 2022 | online live stream |

Course description

The purpose of this 3-day training course is to highlight the safety life cycle pathway from initial major accident hazard identification through to long term sustained and safe operation of a process where a safety instrumented system(s) provides a layer of protection. The occurrence of major industrial accidents has driven an increased focus on process safety. Process safety incidents can induce an enormous loss of capital and business continuity and can cost enormous loss of reputation. On top of that, companies have the absolute responsibility for all coworkers on site including the people around the site. The primary objective of each organisation must therefore always be the elimination or reduction of risk through inherently safe design and the adoption of a multiple layer of protection approach. Often it is very difficult to design an inherently safe process and under these circumstances Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are employed in order to reduce risks to an acceptable level. SIS are therefore critical elements in support of the overall basis of safety for the process. It is therefore vital that SIS should operate reliably in the event of a process upset in order to prevent / mitigate the hazardous consequence. This is achieved by effective functional safety management throughout the process. How can you guarantee safety of your employees? What should you do to make sure that you have absolutely done the maximum? How can you manage operational, explosion and chemical hazards and remain compliant with regulations? When can you say the risk level is acceptable? How do you prepare and execute a proper HAZOP study? How do you establish a comprehensive management system? How do you make sure your organisation is fit for purpose and suits the PSM system? This course will answer these and many other questions and is an absolute must to assure the safety of coworkers, to protect the environment and to avoid serious business loss.

2. Produced Water Treatment & Management

Feb 2nd - 4th 2022 | online live stream |

Course description

An intensive 3-day course on produced water treatment and management in both onshore and offshore Oil & Gas Production. The purpose of this 3-day training course is to provide a detailed overview of produced water handling mechanisms and methods for its diagnosis, treatment, and prevention in oil & gas drilling environments. Individuals attending this seminar will leave with the holistic understanding of water management, reservoir requirements and discharge water quality monitoring. Microbial, chemical, physical and environmental produced water challenges and techniques used for their mitigation in order to help reduce investments, operation and maintenance costs are discussed in detail. Water treatment techniques for challenging E&P sites such as mature fields, subsea satellites and enhanced oil and gas recovery sites are reviewed in depth. The latest technologies for treating injection and produced water in both onshore and offshore environments will be discussed in detail. The course is presented by an independent consultant, well recognized in the petroleum industry, who has travelled around the world to provide assessments of water systems and treatment options and who is well-updated on the latest technologies under development and qualified by the industry.

3. Control Valves & Actuated On/Off Valves

Feb 21st - 23rd 2022 | online live stream |

Course description

This three-day course provides an introduction into the key aspects related to actuated valves. Actuated valves are commonly used as final elements in control- and safety systems, and play an important role in plant performance, reliability, and safety. Actuated valves are exposed to the often-harsh conditions of the process as well as to the ambient climatic conditions. Although the performance and reliability of most field instrumentation has developed significantly over the past decades, actuated valves have essentially remained the same. As a result, they have become a relatively large contributor to the overall plant downtime and operating cost.

4. Root Cause Analysis For Oil And Gas Industry

March 9th - 11th 2022 | online live stream |

Course description

Incident analysis tools take the information obtained by the investigation process and use this to identify underlying, systemic causes. The depth of the analysis can vary from superficial factors close to the immediate causes, through deeper underlying causes and failures. These may include latent failures (e.g. a failure in design) and cultural analyses of why an organization allowed an incident to happen. Root cause analysis is an analysis methodology to uncover underlying causes which is usually based on a predefined list of causal categories.

This course provides the delegates with an overview of Root Cause Analysis and gives them the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate an effective RCA. The participants would learn a number of tried and tested methods to help identify the causes leading to the incident. The delegates will develop understanding of Influence & Causal Factor, Charting, the ‘5 Why’s’, ‘Fishbone’ or ‘Ishikawa’ Cause & Effect concepts and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Each of these methods is in widespread use throughout industry with their pedigrees going back to the early 1970’s. The case studies analyzed during the workshop would develop the participants into a Professional Investigators and would let them grasp how to use RCA techniques to prevent the occurrence of any future incidents.

5. Clinical Project Management To Advance Your Clinical Programs

March 28th - 30th 2022 | online live stream |

Course description

The pharmaceutical industry is aware that the International Council for Harmonisation is planning to merge the guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (E6) and General Considerations for Clinical Trials (E8). To prepare for this change in 2022 it behoves all clinical trial professions to ensure they are working to the latest expectations when managing their clinical programs.

Past events

1.Process Safety Management

Online Training

Date: 1st June 3rd June 2021

Coach: William Trevor Miller

2.Refocusing The Supply chain

Online Training

Date: 19th - 20th August 2020

Coach: John Atkinson

3.Advanced Strategic Healthcare management

Location: Grand Hayat -Qatar

Dates: 4th - 6th November 2019

Coach: Dr. Mohammad Al Ayoubi.








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